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Saturday, July 25, 2009


It seems there is a boosted interest in MEGAN FOX BEFORE AND AFTER. Apparently the sexy Megan Fox has ha a little more work than the breast implants we know about. According to some reports, Megan Fox has had two nose jobs, her lips done, Botox on her forehead and around the mouth, and breast implants from a ‘A’ to a large ‘B’.

Personally, I really don't care before or after, Megan Fox is a hottie and I would love to get naked with her. So for those who are interested or really care, I have posted one of the Megan Fox before and after pictures above.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Megan Fox - Tattoo You - Body Art Ultimatum

So Megan Fox is hot, we all know that and I'm sure there are some who disagree (Like my wife). The thing is, regardless of how hot a chick is, there is not a fvcking change in hell I will get a tattoo of her name and definately not her face on my body. Ya, ok there is a certain amount of bragging rights that go along with being able to advertise that you banged Megan Fox but at the end of the day, how does a tattoo of an ex's face on your ass help your future dating ability. Situations change and relationships end.

So what spurred this whole commentary, well apparently Megan Fox loves tattoo's. Aside from having several of her own, Megan Fox insisted her lovers also have tattoo's Specifically a tattoo of her name or face. Maybe it is a control over the badboy complex she has. Myabe this is her version of notches on the bedpost for every woman after her so they know they are doing a "sloppy second" to Megan Fox. I really feel sorry for the guy who get's his ass dumped and has to spend the rest of his life walking around with the reminder of what he once had and never will again. Then again, she did take back her last boyfriend after dumping his ass.

Here is the original article

Megan Fox's tattoo ultimatum

Megan Fox makes her boyfriends get a tattoo of her face.

The 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' star loves body art, and insists prospective lovers have an inking before she will consider getting serious with them.

The 23-year-old said: "I have eight tattoos. All my boyfriends are required to have one and if they don't have one yet, I make them get a tattoo of my name or my face."

Megan - who recently reunited with her on/off boyfriend Brian Austin Green - also revealed she doesn't "understand" 'Transformers', even though she has starred in both films.

She explained to TV programme 'The Early Show': "I usually don't watch things that I do because I'm very neurotic about it and I can't sit through it. But I had to watch this one because everyone was saying 'Megan, it's really good, you have to watch it.'

"It's massive. I don't know how people can see it on IMAX without having a brain aneurism or at least a migraine headache. I'm in the movie and I read the script and I still don't know what's happening so I think if you haven't read the script and you see it and you understand it you are a genius."